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To provide quality of services worldwide namely European countries,Australia,Canada,USA & many more countries of world at a very competitive price.

They have recently launched a range of robust Brass double ball bearing hinges to be used for interiror and furniture work.,Brass Tower Bolts like three feet long tower bolt,Sand casting like cast iron. The double ball bearing range of hinges will be distrubuted through builder’s hardware merchants and distributors in India and Europe.

These hinges are far superior to conventional hinges in terms of strength and flexibility.htm and /aboutus.The body of this hinge is from extruded sections and offers highest metallurgical and physical properties.

They are a leading indian manufacturer supplier exporters from jamnagar india of brass fitting components and turned parts used only brass honey raw Double screw Suppliers material of international standrad for production.

Main customers for all products may be hardware industry like aluminium hardware,wooden handles & Knobs,White metal Handles etc.aluminium etc. These hinges are ofefred in lacquered , Stainless steel and satin finish depending on customer’s requirements.

Brass Parts India has an extensive and comprehensive range of products Brass Door Handles,Brass Door Hinges,Brass Bushes Bushings,conduit fittings,Brass Flare Fittings,Brass Clips Brass Clamps,Brass Door Hardware,Stainless Steel Screws,stainless Steel Wahsers,Flexible Conduits,Hydraulic fittings,Brass Pipe Plumbing Fittings,Hose fittings,Copper Casting,Copper Washers,Sanitary Fittings,Brass Metric Fittings,Cable Glands,Brass Nuts,Brass Terminal Blocks,Brass Hose Barbs,Stainless steel Bolts,Brass Brackets etc on a large scale.htm for more details. Brass Parts is a jamnagar based company involved in producing and exporting of Brass Fittings Components,turned parts,Brass Hinges Fittings and brass hardware parts.They are specialize in developing products namely Brass Door Handles with soild brass,pipe handles with gold plating,Brass Hinges including reflex hinges,L type hinges etc.


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February 2020
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Since the double thread screws are typically for attaching two wood surfaces together, start the screw in one of the pilot holes (just enough to stay put). Then align the other pilot hole and spin one or both pieces of wood together.